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About Greenlight

Greenlight Youth Club was established in October 1976 in the Borough of Tower Hamlets to provide a range of community support services and activities designed to assist vulnerable or “at-risk” youth, especially those who felt excluded from society and who were not in the education system or were unemployed and or in need of training. It was developed in response to feedback from parents, teachers, social workers, and community development workers who identified a gap in the services available to support vulnerable youth. They shared concerns about the lack of statutory provisions in the areas of education and recreational facilities for young people, particularly those from the black community and other ethnic minorities. The assistance provided by Greenlight also extended to their families within the parameters of Health & Safety, Equalities, and Social legislative requirements. 
The club has historically played a prominent role in fostering a constructive relationship between the police and young people. To this end, it has hosted workshops focused on providing young people with information on their rights and responsibilities.  
It seeks to develop and design suitable programmes/interventions for young people in the community that are both practical and applicable. This is achieved by engaging and consulting with the established institution and, critically, with the affected persons. 
The success of Greenlight’s interventions is evidenced by the number of outstanding young people who have grown into responsible members of our society over the last four decades. They have been making meaningful contributions by holding varied positions such as teachers, social workers, police officers, nurses, solicitors, and magistrates.
Founders Background
Mr. Justin Moore, MBE, JP is a founding member of the Greenlight Youth Club.  Over the last 40 years, he served in many capacities in his professional life and the community. These include Senior Magistrate, Race relation Officer, Community development Officer, Social Worker, and Youth Worker…
Our ongoing activities

- After School club,
- Saturday School,
- Homework Club,
- English Classes,
- IT hub for beginners,
- Counselling/Mediation sessions,
- Credit union (Financial Services)
- Arts and Crafts for beginners
- Cafeteria

Greenlight Youth Club Projects

Greenlight Credit Union offers its members a trusted financial partnership, providing a range of services from savings accounts to loans, all designed to help members achieve their financial goals. With a commitment to community and member success, it stands as a solid foundation for financial security and growth.


Greenlight Youth Club’s further education initiatives provide young adults with tailored courses and workshops to enhance their skills and prepare them for future career and life challenges.

Adult Services

Greenlight Youth Club offers adult services focused on enhancing life skills and fostering community engagement, providing adults with opportunities for personal growth and social interaction in a supportive environment.

Your giving can bring a smile to a young person.

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