After school club / Homework club

Provides the opportunity for young people to assess themselves and explore their development to guide movement into employment, education, or business development. Students are provided with assistance with the completion of assignments and other schoolwork.

Great setup for working parent families.

Saturday school

Enables pupils to further recognise and develop potential by exposing them to a number of developmental activities.

Promotes creative partnerships with pupils, teachers, and parents for the betterment of pupils. Builds self-confidence.

A secure environment for pupils to study.

Apprenticeship Programmes

Greenlight collaborates with several agencies and organisations to create apprenticeship opportunities for interested individuals. These could include avenues to access free induction and learning and development programmes or placement to gain employable skills in a workplace. Other activities include guidance for re-skilling for career change and career pathway planning.

The club works at both a national and international level with young people and parents on recycling projects and juvenile delinquency in Greece and Portugal. 

Counselling/ Mediation (Speak Easy)

If you are a young person or parent with challenges communicating with member (s) of your family, we equipped the club with qualified mediators who are ready to assist.

There is a unique group service for families who need advocacy services and a safe environment to have a conversation with the young people. The club also assists families and family members experiencing difficulties from relationship breakdown, bereavement and loss, low self-esteem and depression.

Victim Support – for victims and witnesses of crime

Tower Hamlets Greenlight Credit Union

With introducing the Credit Union, families could access affordable credit, save and gain access to loans, social security, better housing, family support and after school for their children.

We registered the GreenLight Credit Union on 22nd May 1980, with the Industrial and Provident Society, to promote self help and financial management to members of the BME communities who were at risk of exploitation from loan shacks and banks and building societies reluctant to offer loans. With the 1979 Act, the credit union had a statutory duty to comply with the following.

  • To keep proper books of account and provide quarterly returns and annual accounts to the credit union league of Great Britain.
  • Insurance against fraud and other form of dishonesty.
  • Training for board members on how to conduct the business of the credit union.
  • Monthly board and quarterly members’ meeting.
  • Maintenance of general reserve for bad loans.
  • Set limits on loans and encourage members to save.
  • Maintain and establish a system of financial control and to protect members’ identity.

The Tower Hamlets GreenLight credit union is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Flag raising ceremony for St Lucia's National Day

GreenLight Youth club sponsors flag raising ceremony in London in partnership with the High Commission for St Lucia.  

Saint Lucians in the United Kingdom and the wider East London Community groups gather every year to celebrate National Day on 13th December.

This celebration takes place at East Ham Town Hall or the High Commission Office in Earls Court.


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